Time Out London

"As I approach my partner, the harpist ominously moves into a quietly sinister plucking of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’. However, my partner has two qualities that get us through take off. Firstly, she is good at yoga, which makes her a reliable base (all poses require a ‘base’ and a ‘flyer’ – a sort of yogic bottom and top. I may not be much of a flyer, but as someone who can’t master the most basic of yoga poses, I am certainly no base). She’s also strong, which means she won’t collapse like a cow with BSE the moment I mount her" [read more...]

Indigo Memoirs

"The atmosphere in the class is like butter left to melt at room temperature: hard at first from the sense of anticipation of what is to follow, and soft to the point of melting once the class integrates together in a series of unifying exercises. The best perk by far is, if you go to the Kooza Cirque du Soleil performance, you can say proudly to your companion that you have done some of the same acro poses as the acrobats on the stage- they will be impressed and incredulous :)" [read more...]

The Telegraph

"It's not a fashionable thing to say, but yoga bores me. When I try a class, I drift off – sadly not into spiritual reverie. Thoughts about work, the journey home and what to have for dinner distract me. I would love to love yoga. I long to be limber and loose, instead of stiff and unable to touch my toes. Thanks to a lack of flexibility, bending myself into awkward contortions is not enjoyable.

However, I may have found the perfect class for me. Acroyoga..." [read more...]

Metro London

‘Being suspended can help to relieve tension in different parts of the body,’ she explains, as I stare down at her, concerned I will crash on to the floor any minute or, worse, break her legs. 'Even when you have a massage, you are lying flat, so your spine isn’t completely stretched out but, if you bend forward now, it will elongate.’

"I do as I am told and, with my head almost in her stomach, I excitedly enthuse – in a muffled voice – that I can feel blood rushing in between my vertebrae and can hear all sorts of clicking happening in my joints." [read more...]