Turn your world upside down

Anna Karides is a leading AcroYoga teacher in the UK. She has been teaching Yoga and AcroYoga for over a decade. 

In her native Cyprus she took part in long-distance running competitions and aerobic marathons, as well as doing ballet and modern dance for 13 years. Then at 15 she had a "lucky" accident - a serious hip injury made her take up yoga. Having battled with asthma for many years, after a short time practising she didn't need to use an inhaler anymore.

She finished yoga teacher training while completing a Masters in Law. Then straight after training to be a barrister, she became the youngest ever certified AcroYoga teacher at the time. 

She studied with pioneering yoga teachers, among them Dharma Mittra, Elena Voyce, Jason Nemer &  Jenny Sauer-Klein, Sharon GannonDavid Life,  Emma Henry, and Durga Devi

Her classes are inspired by AcroYoga, Jivamukti and Dharma Mittra, and reflect her passion for backbends, arm balances and inversions. 

In London she has been teaching at the city’s leading studios: Indaba Yoga, triyoga, Bodyism, Xtend Barre, Hotel Café Royal, Yogasphere and many more. 

She's taught at Wilderness Festival, at the Obonjan Music & Wellbeing Festival in Croatia and at the rooftop Frank’s Café as part of Bold Tendencies' immersive arts programme in 2015, organised by the widely acclaimed Secret Yoga Club. She performed and presented at the British Yoga Festival, Mind Body Spirit Festival, at the opening of Reebok's first CrossFit store in London's Covent Garden, and at the long-running OM Yoga Show. Her biggest audience to date was at Lululemon's Sweatlife Festival in 2016, where she taught a class of over 300 people.  

She single-handedly founded AcroYoga Cyprus in 2008 and established a growing community of participants. She also organises and teaches at retreats in exotic locations like Costa Rica. 

Anna frequently teaches at charity events, including the 2015 Lady Garden campaign to  raise awareness of gynaecological cancer,  the annual Rescue Dogs Charity Event in Cyprus and the 2016 Breast Cancer Awareness Day for Estee Lauder

Her versatile career spans teaching at high-end venues like The Bulgari Hotel and the relaunch of Harrods' sports department, to private lessons for high profile individuals. This has led her to being featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Metro, Red magazine and Vogue Greece. Her AcroYoga class at Indaba Yoga was ranked among the top 20 best yoga classes in London by Time Out in 2013, and she was Om Yoga Magazine's yoga teacher of the month in the same year. She's also contributed articles to Yoga & Health magazine where she featured on the cover. 

Anna is a proud Lululemon Athletica legacy ambassador, who she collaborates with on big events in London and beyond. Bodyism’s founder James Duigan says, "just being around Anna is calming and reassuring. Her physical and mental strength is that of a superhero status. She is utterly professional and loyal. We feel very lucky just to know her."